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Our Purpose

          We exist to connect people with potential.

Our Vision

        Community is an invitation to find in others the best of who we are through what we can accomplish together. It is an affirmation that through connection we bridge the potential of each person to the possibilities of becoming something greater than we can imagine alone. It is a commitment to create a future in which each of us thrives through mutual support – because where people thrive, community abides.

Our Values

       We act with the following values to live our purpose and realize our vision:

    • Service is a privilege. We honor that privilege when learning to listen and listening to engage with the unique needs of our members, our partners, and the communities we call home. We believe that through service we build trust, and that through trust we nurture meaningful relationships.
    • Relationships are essential. We honor that imperative by putting people at the center of our work and working to invite others into our circle. We believe that by expanding our reach we enrich our understanding, and that through understanding we foster meaningful inclusion.
    • Inclusion is a choice. We honor that choice when investing our partnerships with purposeful action and acting to build equity in and with underserved and overlooked communities. We believe that we are stronger together, and that together we drive meaningful impact.